It’s hard to think of many examples where a club insist on hanging on to a player and it actually ends well for anyone, so Borussia Dortmund must be wondering if they made a mistake in keeping Jadon Sancho in the summer.

ESPN recently reported that Man United were ready to re-ignite their summer interest in the Dortmund star, but he hasn’t looked right since the seemingly inevitable summer transfer failed to happen.

He’s failed to score in 11 Bundesliga games and he just looks woefully short of confidence as demonstrated by this miss for Dortmund today:

Pictures from BT Sport

There’s absolutely no conviction or belief in that effort as he tries to be too precise with a side-footed effort instead of just smashing it into the open goal, so it does make you wonder what will happen next.

It’s likely that United would get him for a lower price if they signed him just now but it might not be worth it if he’s short of form, so it does show that it’s usually the best idea to cash in on someone instead of forcing them to stay because it just never works out well.

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