Somewhat coincidentally, both Lionel Messi and Sergio Aguero, arguably the two best Argentinian players of the current generation, are out of contract this summer.

Moreover, there’s a school of thought that the decision of one will have implications for the other.

Suggestions, including from the Daily Mirror, that Messi will move from Barcelona to Man City aren’t without foundation and won’t go away, and with Aguero in situ, it would certainly make any settling in process that much easier.

Equally, potential incoming Barca president, Joan Laporta, has intimated that the Catalans need to sign Aguero to keep his compatriot at the Camp Nou, per The Times.

Clearly, the thought of Messi leaving Barcelona is a scary and real prospect for the club, but to use Aguero as the carrot is entirely the wrong way to go.

After all, he hasn’t scored a league goal in over a year, has shown himself to be injury prone and is fast approaching his 33rd birthday.

If the club are looking for regeneration in the squad as much as anything, Aguero represents everything that Barca don’t need at this point.

Even out of contract, he’d still command a pretty penny in salary too. Barca should steer well clear.

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