EastEnders has revealed that Chelsea Fox is secretly plotting against her serial killer dad Lucas Johnson.

The BBC soap confused viewers when Chelsea returned and had apparently forgiven her dad after his release from prison.

Lucas is being set up by daughter Chelsea Fox (Credit: BBC)

He is known to have killed at least five people. And he kept her mother, Denise Fox, locked in a basement while he framed her for his crimes.

Lucas was sent to prison but was recently released.

Chelsea had always been terrified of Lucas and left Walford to get away from the memories of him.

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So Chelsea showing that she forgave Lucas – even choosing him over Denise – was suspicious.

And now, EastEnders has confirmed that she has an ulterior motive.

Viewers saw how thugs – seemingly hired by Phil Mitchell – beat Lucas.

Chelsea is hiding a shock secret (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders’ Chelsea Fox defends serial killer dad Lucas

However, in Friday night’s episode, viewers learned the thugs were there for Chelsea.

She watched the men beat her dad from the inside of her car.

Later Lucas confronted Denise over the attack – but she denied all knowledge, and after the meeting Chelsea took a secret phone call.

“I got the message loud and clear. You almost killed him,” she told the mystery individual.

She added that she had Lucas lined up for “the job” and he was right for it.

“You sent me a message. Here’s one for you. You want this job done, and done well, you need to wind your neck in,” she warned.

“Trust me, I’ve got everything under control.”

What is Chelsea planning? (Credit: BBC)

But what is she lining Lucas up for? Is she a criminal mastermind?

Earlier, this month the soap received criticism for Lucas’ return.

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Former legal advisor to the show, Nazir Afzal – who worked with the soap for years – slammed the storyline.

He told the Daily Star Sunday: “I always understood drama outweighs reality. But Lucas being back after multiple murders is a stretch.”

Nazir is a former chief crown prosecutor and worked advising the teams behind dramas like Three Girls, Spooks and Law & Order: UK.

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