Everton’s FA Cup win against a dogged Rotherham side was notable for more than just the fact that the Toffees were taken to extra-time.

Carlo Ancelotti is unlikely to have been too happy by what he saw on what should’ve been a routine afternoon for the hosts.

However, it’s Cenk Tosun’s goal celebration for a strike which was eventually ruled out that has caused some consternation.

As the Daily Mail note, Tosun’s hand gesture as he wheeled away in delight, involving putting the index and little fingers into the air, is similar to one used by a far-right, ultra-nationalist Turkish group known as the Grey Wolves.

The Athletic’s Patrick Boyland tweeted that the club have spoken to the player who had no idea that such a gesture was politically affiliated, and he was merely celebrating what he thought was a legitimate goal.

That didn’t stop social media users suggesting something more untoward, however.

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