healthy lava cake

Ah, the sweet chocolaty goodness of lava cakes. These super gooey mini-cakes really are the Queen of all desserts. Usually, lava cakes are the go-to dessert that wraps up the perfect romantic meal. What with all the whipping, double-pot melting, dusting–and sugar and butter–involved, they’re definitely a labor of love. Lava cakes are the dessert you eat while thinking to yourself: “Well, it is a special occasion, so just this once.” 

Now you can indulge your chocolate fix without all the calories and guilt–and without sacrificing taste. Our healthy chocolate lava cake is so easy to make you can whip them up whenever the craving hits! And they’re dairy- and gluten-free so you won’t suffer through all the bloat-y aftermath. 

healthy lava cake

We use all clean ingredients to create these little bursts of heaven, including dark chocolate, monk sugar, coconut oil, eggs, almond flour, tapioca starch, and just a touch of vanilla and salt. We know it’s hard to imagine how these healthy ingredients can make such a rich decadent chocolate flavor that explodes in your mouth. (Cripes, someone hand me a cold shower!) But trust us, this recipe creates the perfect molten chocolate centers surrounded by fluffy gluten-free cake. 

OK so let’s discuss monk fruit sugar — which is so good, it’s a mind-bender trying to understand how it literally has NO CALORIES. The monk fruit or “Buddha fruit” is small and round, and kinda looks like a cross between a melon and a walnut. Once you’ve used the extracted dried granules in recipes, you’ll wonder how you’ve lived without it. Apparently, the sweetness comes from an antioxidant compound called mogrosides within the fruit. Also, it will not raise blood sugar levels so is a perf option for people with diabetes.

It’s like you asked some genie in a bottle to grant you one wish for something that’s sweeter than granulated sugar (like 100 to 250 times sweeter) and legit good for you, too. Poof! Wish granted.
So go ahead and try these magical healthy lava cakes for dessert tonight. Everyone will think you’re being SUPER FANCY. And we won’t say a word.

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