The Nine Lives Of Ozzy Osbourne is on BBC Two tonight (Wednesday December 30) and but how many times has he actually cheated death?

Ozzy, 72, was once known as a hell raiser who lived on cocaine, sleeping pills and cough syrup.

But in the 2000s, he – and the rest of his family – became reality TV stars thanks to MTV series The Osbournes.

However, even by the new 21st century, Ozzy was lucky to still be around. How has he cheated death over the years?

Ozzy Osbourne has survived death numerous times
Ozzy and daughter Kelly (Credit: AdMedia /

What is The Nine Lives Of Ozzy Osbourne all about?

The feature-length documentary follows Ozzy’s journey from his poor childhood and time spent in prison, to fronting metal band Black Sabbath and a successful solo career.

He also reflects on becoming rock’s elder statesman and a lovable 21st-century TV dad.

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Originally released two years ago as Ozzy turned 70, the Brummie dad-of-two reflects on his extraordinary life, and discusses some of his successes failures.

Here are some of his near misses…

Ozzy Osbourne has survived death numerous times
A younger Ozzy (Credit: BBC)

Cocaine duels

In 1978, Ozzy and fellow heavy metal rocker David Lee Roth from the band Van Halen had a cocaine duel.

A source said the two “snorted enough cocaine to stop the hearts of a half-dozen men.”

After the all-night bender, Ozzy went missing for 24 hours and crew and bandmates thought he had died.

Getting rabies from biting off the head of a bat

During a concert in 1982 in Iowa, a fan brought a dead bat along.

When he threw it on stage, Ozzy bit off its head live on stage.

But there was a problem – the bat was still alive, and the singer had to be treated for rabies.

Ozzy Osbourne has survived death numerous times
Ozzy’s wife Sharon (Credit: BBC)

Ozzy’s overdose

When wife Sharon was battling cancer in 2002, Ozzy took to a mixture of pills to block out the stress.

When Sharon had a seizure at home, daughter Kelly remember Ozzy “scooping” up a handful of pills and collapsing.

They both ended up in the same hospital.

The crash

In 2013, Ozzy crashed in an all-terrain vehicle.

He broke his collarbone, eight ribs, a vertebra in his neck and damaged blood vessels.

He credits his bodyguard with saving his life.

Death by manicure (almost)

Only days before his 70th birthday, Ozzy suffered a cut during a manicure.

Unfortunately, it turned into a nasty infection and it swelled up to the size of “a ******* lightbulb”.

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Doctors told Ozzy that the infection had got into his bloodstream and he needed emergency treatment.

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