Coronation Street character Sally Metcalfe called Tyrone middle-aged, leaving viewers confused, but how old is Tyrone in Coronation Street?

Over the last few weeks Tyrone started to grow closer to Alina Pop and the two ended up sharing a kiss.

Tyrone confessed what happened to his fiancé Fiz. They soon agreed to give things another, however they ended their relationship.

But before they called it quits, Kirk bumped into Alina on the street and told her he was under strict instructions from his wife Beth not to talk to her.

How old is Tyrone in Coronation Street?

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However Sally came out of her house and gave Alina a look. When Alina confronted Sally, she said to Kirk: “I’d watch it if I were you, Kirk, she’s got a thing for middle-aged men.”

Soon Tyrone warned Sally to leave her alone. But as Kirk went to walk off he said: “Hang on, middle-aged?”

Later Tyrone and Fiz split for good when he confessed he was in love with Alina. But Fiz suggested he was having a mid-life crisis and just had a crush on Alina, who is 15 years younger than him.

But viewers were confused as to why Tyrone was being called middle-aged.

How old is Tyrone in Coronation Street?

Tyrone was born on December 17th 1982, making him 38 years old.

Can we stop calling Tyrone middle-aged?

The other day, Gemma mentioned that Alina was 23-years old, making her 15 years younger.

What’s next for Fiz and Tyrone?

After splitting up, the two told their daughters’ Hope and Ruby that they were breaking up and that Tyrone was moving out.

Next week, a tearful Hope asks Fiz why daddy has left them.

Later Tyrone calls round at No.9 and tells Fiz the last thing he wants to do is upset the girls.

Fiz suggests Tyrone move back in (Credit: ITV)

Fiz suggests that he moves back in. She tells him she doesn’t want a romantic reunion, but suggests he moves back in to give the girls some stability.

Tyrone goes to see Alina and tells her that he’s moving back in with Fiz on a temporary basis for the sake of the kids, but he tells Alina that that it’s her that he loves.

How will Alina react?

Tyrone tells Alina that it’s her he loves (Credit: ITV)

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Later Fiz tells Tyrone she’s booked the a counselling session with Toyah.

In the Bistro, Toyah does her best to conduct Fiz and Tyrone’s counselling session. Having returned home, Tyrone slips upstairs to take a call from Alina.

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