Laurie Brett currently stars as Izzy Alessi in the BBC One drama Traces, but we know her more for her Walford-based character. Is Jane Beale returning to EastEnders?

Actress Laurie portrayed Jane from 2004 to 2017, best known for being the long-suffering wife of Ian Beale.

Here’s everything you need to know!

Laurie Brett attends The British Soap Awards 2016
Laurie Brett attends The British Soap Awards 2016 (Credit; Splash)

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Who plays Izzy in Traces?

Laurie Brett portrays Izzy Alessi in the BBC One drama Traces.

Izzy was the best friend of Emma Hedges’ mum before she was murdered.

And Izzy seems to know much more about the crime than she should.

In episode one, Izzy told Emma that her mum was found dismembered – something only the police knew.

Is Izzy an accomplice to the crime?

Who is Laurie Brett?

Laurie is an actress, who has been on our TV screens since 1993.

She has appeared in The Bill, as well as portraying Christine Mulgrew in Waterloo Road between 2012 and 2015.

She is most famous for playing Jane Beale in BBC One soap EastEnders from 2004 to her shock departure in 2017.

Laurie Brett as Izzy in Traces
Laurie Brett as Izzy in Traces (Credit: BBC One)

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Is Jane Beale returning to EastEnders?

Ever since Laurie’s character Jane left Albert Square, EastEnders fans have begged the character to return.

Just this month, fans demanded she return after Sharon Mitchell mentioned Ian’s ex-wife.

During a heartfelt conversation between Sharon and Ian, he referred to Jane as one of “the good ones that get away”.

Sadly, Laurie Brett has no plans to return.

She has previously described the soap schedule as “relentless”.

Laurie told the Sunday People: “It’s the hardest gig on telly.

“It’s just relentless and I couldn’t believe just how knackered I was when I left.

“It’s all-consuming and the thing is that when you’re in that bubble you don’t even realise how all-consuming it is.

“But you know what happened? I left there, I had a rest, I fell in love, I got married, I had a life!

“I had the most brilliant time there and I have friends there but I’ve got no plans to go back.

“The door’s open and it’s a never-say-never scenario but I’m just really enjoying exploring other stuff at the moment.”

Why did Jane leave Walford?

Jane was last seen in 2017 after Max Branning threatened her.

He told her he would have her adopted son Bobby Beale hurt whilst he was in prison.

Jane was heavily involved in the ‘Who killed Lucy Beale?’ storyline which saw Ian’s daughter murdered.

Lucy died in April 2014 from a head injury and was found dead on Walford Common.

For 10 months, viewers didn’t know who killed her.

But, during a live week in February 2015, it was revealed Bobby had killed Lucy and when Jane discovered what he had done, she moved the body.

When the truth was revealed, the Beale’s tried to cover it up.

However, Bobby went on to attack Jane, severely injuring her.

Once in police custody, he admitted to killing his sister and attacking his mum.

Bobby returned to Albert Square last year after being released from prison, and viewers wanted to see his mother return with him, but she still hasn’t come back.

Laurie Brett as Izzy in Traces (Credit: BBC One)
Laurie has starred in Traces, EastEnders, Deadwater Fell and Waterloo Road (Credit: BBC One)

How old is Laurie Brett?

Laurie was born on March 28 1969.

She is currently 51.

Is Laurie Brett married?

Laurie married Dennis Longman in a secret ceremony in 2019.

She fell for Dennis after knowing him as a friend for 14 years.

Previously, Laurie was in a relationship with musician Dave Evans for six years.

The couple met on a blind date in 2001 and got engaged.

However, they split in 2007 before the wedding.

Laurie then dated John Milroy from 2009 to 2014.

She revealed in January 2011 that she was pregnant with her first child.

She gave birth to Erin Anne Millie Brett in June 2011.

Laurie Brett as Jane Beale
Laurie Brett as Jane Beale in EastEnders (Credit: BBC One)

Is Laurie Scottish?

Laurie is Scottish, like much of the Traces cast.

She was born in Hamilton, Lanarkshire, in Scotland.

Laurie speaks with a Scottish accent, but adopted a London accent for her role in EastEnders.

Traces continues on BBC One on Mondays and Tuesdays at 9pm. The whole series is available to watch on iPlayer.

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