Tom Allen hosts his own show Tom Allen Goes to Town starting tonight, but is the The Great British Bake Off star single?

Yes, the comedian has got his richly-deserved own show after his stints on spin-offs from The Apprentice and Bake Off.

But we don’t know too much about him, so read on for details about whether he’s in a relationship and more.

Tom Allen gets his own show on Channel 4
Tom Allen visits Wakefield in his new show (Credit: Channel 4)

What is Tom Allen Goes to Town about?

The pilot of this quirky travel show sees Tom visit the Yorkshire town of Wakefield.

During his visit, he takes in the world’s biggest rhubarb crops, explores the town’s beautiful cathedral and visits one of the only drive-in fish and chip shops in the world.

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He also buys a round of Wakefield’s famous steak pies and helps renovate the nearby Caribbean restaurant for the family he’s been staying with.

At the end, he stages a stand-up show at the local theatre, complete with Martin Kemp as his helper.

Tom Allen puts on a show in Wakefield
Tom ropes Martin Kemp in for help (Credit: Channel 4)

What has Tom been in before?

Before he became a star on TV, Tom was a successful stand-up comedian.

In 2005 he won two comedy newcomer awards, and then landed roles in drama series Sensitive Skin on Channel 4 and Fear of Fanny and Rather You Than Me.

If that wasn’t enough, Tom has also appeared in films Colour Me Kubrick with John Malkovich and Starter For 10 with James McAvoy.

Before Bake Off: Extra Slice, Tom appeared in the BBC comedy panel show Ready Or Not and hosted The Apprentice: You’re Fired.

So to say he’s had a packed decade is an understatement.

Tom Allen is a successful stand-up comedian
Tom in stand-up action (Credit: BBC)

Where does Tom Allen live?

The Bake Off star is currently isolating with his parents in Bromley, south London.

Tom revealed to The Mirror that his mum had a ‘run in’ with the law during the first lockdown.

He explained that she was caught mooching and looking at estate agent’s window.

She was told by police that ‘this isn’t a time for mooching’.

Who is Tom Allen (Credit: Channel4 )
Tom is currently single (Credit: Channel 4)

Is Tom Allen single or married?

As far as we know, Tom is not in a relationship.

Furthermore, he says he’s never been in a relationship.

Last year, he told iNews that: “I used to think that was a bit of a scandal in itself, an unusual thing.

“But I’ve met more and more people who are like that.

“There are people who find it very easy to get into relationships and I’ve always just not.”

Is Tom gay?

Yes. He revealed that he came out to his mum when he was 21-years-old, and then to his father three years later.

A homophobic attack in Soho led to him being more open about discussing it in his comedy routines.

In the same interview, he said: “I thought, ah, there might be something in this and I did it on stage that night. I suppose it takes the sting out of anything.

“We laugh, forget and it’s all right.”

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