What the hell happened to the Drudge Report?  The Tablet investigates.

The rediscovery of hell.  At First Things, Cardinal Pell abandons Balthasarian wishful thinking.

Never mind 2020.  David Oderberg asks: How did Donald Trump win in 2016?

Reading Religion reviews Steven Jensen’s book on Thomistic psychology.

The AARP magazine on the heartbreaking last days of Stan Lee. 

Popular Mechanics on the improbability of other intelligent life in the universe.

But is there intelligent life in the Penguin Random House breakroom?  Pathetic wokesters break down in tears over Jordan Peterson’s new book.

Physicist Sabine Hossenfelder nails it in a single tweet.  At BackReaction, Hossenfelder on “follow the science” nonsense and on what we can learn even from flat earth pseudoscience. 

David Greg Taylor’s Blueboy Brown Comics: The Adventures of a Family is ready to go to print.  He’s begun a Kickstarter campaign to get it off the ground.

At Aeon, John Goldsmith on philosopher Franz Brentano.

Carl Olsen interviews Carl Trueman about his book The Rise and Triumph of the Modern Self, at Catholic World Report.

At Quillette, Gerald Posner on JFK conspiracy theorist Jim Garrison.

Richard Marshall interviews philosopher of science Steven French at 3:16.

FIRE reports on student attitudes about free speech on college campuses.  The Atlantic reports on professorial worries about infringements on free speech.  At The Intercept, Glenn Greenwald on Twitter, Facebook, and censorship.  Abigail Shrier on transgender activists’ attempts to suppress her book, at Quillette.

At Letter, Alex Rosenberg and Daniel Dennett debate naturalism and purpose.

Steely Dan’s Gaucho came out 40 years ago.  Retrospectives at Glideand Albumism.  The story of Steely Dan’s legendary lost song “The Second Arrangement,” at NQN.

Andrew Sullivan on why wokeness is winning.  At the Times Literary Supplement, Simon Jenkins reviewsHelen Pluckrose and James Lindsay’s Cynical Theories.  Bret Weinstein and Greg Lukianoff examine wokeness from the perspective of cognitive behavioral therapy.  Lindsay on eight unproven assumptions of Critical Race Theory.

Check out John DeRosa’s recent interviewswith Fr. James Brent, Matthew Levering, Christopher Tomaszewski, Michael Gorman, Gaven Kerr, Fr. Michael Dodds, and many others, at the Classical Theism Podcast.

Baz Edmeades on the myth of harmonious indigenous conservationism, at Quillette.

Anthony McCarthy on fetal pain and humanitarianism, at Quadrant. 

X-ray specs?  Sea monkeys?  Submarines by mail?  Comic Tropes looks at scam advertisements in vintage comic books.

Going undercover with Antifa: an interview at Reason.  At First Things, Mary Eberstadt on the connection between violent protests and fatherlessness.

At Aeon, Michael Strevens argues that a kind of irrationality underlies the success of science.

At The Believer, Stephen Sparks on being a bookseller.

John Marenbon on Boethius’s The Consolation of Philosophy, at Aeon.

Jesse Norman reviewsEdmund Fawcett’s Conservatism: The Fight for a Tradition, at Catholic Herald.

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