Last Monday, December 9th, Governor Cuomo signed Senate Bill S6184 (SBS6184), which established a set of comprehensive laws regulating the manufacture and sale of hemp-derived CBD products in the state of New York. While SB6184 is one of the most extensive legislation of its kind, it did not establish any regulations for the manufacture and sale of CBD-infused food or beverages.

Due to the lack of clear regulations for CBD-infused foods and beverages, they will continue to be regulated under the current legislation. Unfortunately, the current legislation, explicitly states that CBD-infused foods and beverage products are illegal in the state of New York.

Are CBD Infused Foods and Beverages Still Illegal in New York?

This has led to a rise of confusion amongst consumers and businesses that manufacturer and/or sell CBD-infused foods or beverages. It seems that this situation was the result of an honest mistake. After all, this bill is massive and likely took hundreds if not thousands of hours to prepare. If that was the case, New York business owners are unsure how flexible the law will be, if it is at all.

It seems counterintuitive that consumers can legally purchase every other type of hemp-derived CBD product, yet CBD-infused food and beverages are illegal.

According to reports from a local news source, when questioned about the lack of clear regulations and what plans are in place to correct the mistake, the Governor’s office issued a statement explaining that the law “defers decision-making on hemp extracts, including CBD, as additives for food and beverages.”

In other words, addressing the lack of clear regulations for CBD-infused foods and beverages may not be at the top of Gov. Cuomo’s priority list…

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