A struggling photographer recently published a Tweet in a last-ditch effort to find some work, and the Hail Mary paid off in a big way: Oprah Winfrey saw it and Tweeted him a job offer.

The Coronavirus Pandemic has had a major impact on photographers, many of whom have found it incredibly difficult to find work. According to NJ.com, Malcolm Manning was considering taking a break from the industry, even going so far as to tell his mother as much. Halfway through his final year at Rutgers University, Manning likely considered focusing on his major: exercise science with a focus on physical therapy.

Still, he held out hope that his social network would help him keep working as a photographer.

A few days after posting the tweet, Manning was wrapping up a shoot when his phone started vibrating vigorously. In what can only be described as a dream scenario, Oprah Winfrey saw Manningโ€™s tweet and publicly offered him a job.

โ€œI was in complete shock,โ€ Manning said. โ€œWhat do you say to Oprah?โ€

According to her tweet, Winfrey is planning to relaunch the Oprah Magazine website in 2021 which will now feature work from Manning.

A public job offer from Oprah Winfrey is nothing short of a windfall for the struggling photographer who will no doubt see many more opportunities presented to him as a result. NJ.com reports that he booked five more jobs in a single day after the publicity.

According to Fox 10 Phoenix, this particular job offer was one of several acts of service that Winfrey surprised unsuspecting Twitter followers with over the Christmas holiday. So while the situation was the result of incredible luck, Manning promises he wonโ€™t disappoint.

If nothing else, stories like this should inspire those who want to follow their passions with photography: do good work, and even if you donโ€™t have a huge social following, there are still chances for incredible opportunities.

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