GMB host Piers Morgan has been criticised for slamming teachers refusing to conduct online Zoom lessons.

On today’s show, the presenter, 55, was reacting to reports some teachers didn’t want to do lessons over video call because they’re worried about invasion of privacy.

However, Piers called it a “pathetic excuse” which led to viewers accusing him of “stoking the fire” against teachers.

Piers Morgan has been criticised for slamming teachers refusing to conduct online Zoom lesson (Credit:

What did Piers Morgan say on GMB?

Piers began his rant: “I just want to say one thing.

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“Teachers – apparently, some teachers in state schools are saying that they don’t want to do Zoom classes with their students…

“…because they are worried about the invasion of privacy into their home.”

piers morgan
Piers accused of “stoking the fire” against teachers (Credit:

He continued: “You know what? Get a screen behind you, get one of the fake ones that Zoom let you do.

“Get a desert island behind you that my nine-year-old child can do in ten seconds. Pathetic excuse, you have to stand up now, teachers.

“I am behind you over the safety issues at schools.

“But I am not behind you at all when I hear that.”

Some viewers weren’t impressed with Piers’ comments on Twitter.

Piers Morgan accused of going on holiday
GMB viewers criticised Piers on Twitter (Credit:

What did GMB viewers say?

One person said: “Thanks for supporting teachers Piers.

“I’m sure that it’s a minority number of teachers that have complained about invasion of privacy. Every member of staff in my school provides live lessons.

“No one refused. Thanks for stoking the fire against us!!!!”

Another wrote: “How dare you insinuate that teachers don’t want to run live sessions. What % of teachers said that?

“Don’t lump us all together, the vast majority of teachers I know have these virtual lessons up and running and are absolutely fine with this.”

A third tweeted: “@piersmorgan in regards to teachers that’s a small minority.Please mention that next time you go on a rant.

“I know an awful load of teachers working day and night to ensure these kids get the education they need.”

What has Piers said about schools?

Earlier this month, Piers ranted at Prime Minister Boris Johnson for not closing schools straight away following the Christmas break.

He tweeted: “The Govt’s decision to send millions of kids back to school for one day yesterday, so they could all spread the virus around before returning home to older relatives, now looks a scandal of epic proportions.

“What the hell were they thinking????!”

boris johnson wearing a poppy
Piers called the government “scandalously bad” after Mr Johnson put the nation into lockdown (Credit: Martin Evans /

Meanwhile, following Mr Johnson’s address to the nation on January 4, Piers criticised the “scandalously bad government”.

He said: “So, just hours after Boris Johnson assured us schools are ‘safe’ and will stay open, he shuts them all.

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“But only after allowing them to be open for one day so everyone could infect each other & take the virus home to their older relatives.

“This is scandalously bad government.”

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