Harry and Meghan fans have finally found out why the Duchess of Sussex was so keen to retain her American citizenship.

Ahead of their wedding, the former actress gave up her home country and career and moved to the UK to live with Prince Harry.

However, she was keen not to give up everything and retained her American citizenship.

And the reason behind this decision has apparently been revealed.

meghan markle at an event
Meghan Markle was keen to remain an American when she married into the British royal family (Credit: Splash News)

Why didn’t Meghan give up her citizenship?

It’s been reported that Meghan is keen to one day go into politics herself.

And, not just any old politics, it appears she’s keen to follow in President Trump’s footsteps and take charge of the Oval Office.

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Yes, Prince Harry could become First Man if Meghan’s dreams of becoming President of the United States become a reality.

Meghan is the embodiment of the American dream. One day we may see Meghan become president.

Rumours are rife that she’ll run for president in 2024, with a close friend suggesting that’s the main reason she didn’t give up her citizenship when she married into the royal family.

meghan and harry
Could we see Meghan and Harry in the Oval Office? (Credit: Splash News)

Meghan and Harry for the White House?

Members of the royal family are expected to remain politically neutral.

However, if the couple do end up losing their royal titles, it could pave the way for the mum of one’s political dreams to become a reality.

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The friend told Vanity Fair: “One of the reasons she was so keen not to give up her American citizenship was so she had the option to go into politics.

“I think if Meghan and Harry ever gave up their titles she would seriously consider running for president.”

However, a so-called “well-placed source” denied the rumours.

They told the publication: “While there’s no denying she is interested and engaged in politics as a topic, she harbours no ambition to enter a career in politics herself.”

Donal trump looking angry
Meghan was told to tone down her political views after voicing her dislike of President Trump (Credit: Splash News)

Duchess told to tone down political views

Meghan has previously voiced her dislike of President Trump and was advised to tone down her political activism and views upon marrying Harry.

At the time, she said in an interview: “I know what it’s like to have a voice. And also what it’s like to feel voiceless.”

Omid Scoobie, co-writer of the book Finding Freedom, has also weighed in on the news.

“She has her eyes set on the US presidency,” he said.

“Meghan is the embodiment of the American dream. One day we may see Meghan become president.”

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