We all know that referees have a very difficult job, but the officials in the Scottish Premiership really do make it look much harder than it actually is.

Alfredo Morelos certainly has a reputation in the league and that does go against him, but this incident in the first half looks like a pretty regulation penalty as the keeper brings him down:

For those not familiar with the pitch in Livingston it’s a horrific plastic one that isn’t forgiving if you go down on it, so if a player goes down in that fashion then you can be pretty sure that it’s not voluntary.

Steven Gerrard was understandably furious with John Beaton at half time as he decided to have it out with him on the pitch, and he’s since been sent off as a result:

Rangers won’t give up their lead so the title is going to be theirs at some point soon, but a win this evening continues the chance of clinching the title against Celtic so a big second half will be needed without their manager.

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