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The Switch can be anything anyone wants it to be. It has all the big Nintendo-magic hits you could hope for from the Mario, Zelda, and Pokemon series (we all continue to mourn the extended hibernation of Metroid and F-Zero), a slew of high profile cross-platform gems old and new to suit any budget and taste, and even quirky not-games like KORG Gadget and SmileBASIC 4 — tools that allow you to create your own music or dip into programming respectively.

And to a certain extent that’s only to be expected: a good modern console should have a healthy mix of fantastic exclusives, terrific third-party support, and the occasional bit of oddness thrown in for good measure – but a great one will offer even more. A great console will do all of that and then take you far away to forgotten corners of gaming you either never had the chance to experience the first time around or may not have known you were missing at all.

So, sweep aside all of the increasingly expensive tiny arcade cabinets, shrunken consoles, mini handhelds, and revamped Game & Watches that every company with a passing interest and the rights to something or other keeps asking us to dip into our pockets for — Nintendo’s Switch trounces the lot of them, a nigh perfect portable slab of retro gaming heaven that’s already home to some of the most legendary, challenging, and niche arcade releases of all time.

We’re about to take you on a guided tour through some of the best games the system has to offer which began life in the arcades…


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