Monster Hunter Rise

We’re at the end of yet another week – this time bringing with it another mass DMCA takedown from Nintendo, and then ironically a case where Nintendo appears to have used a piece of fan-made art on its own website – so it’s finally time to take a bit of a breather and think about the games we’ll be enjoying over the weekend.

Members of the Nintendo Life team have discussed their weekend gaming plans below, and we’d love for you to join in with your own entries via our comment section. Enjoy!

PJ O’Reilly, reviewer

Hello. This weekend I’m going to be continuing to ignore the absolutely terrifying state of actual reality in 2021 by jumping into the Monster Hunter Rise demo – alongside probably pretty much anyone else who owns a Switch – as well as a bunch of stuff I’ve picked up in the ongoing eShop sales. I’ve got myself The Innsmouth Case to scratch that H.P. Lovecraft itch, finally picked up Mortal Kombat 11 and even double-dipped on Immortals Fenyx Rising, a game I’ve completed on Series X and am properly excited to get stuck into all over again in portable mode here. I hope you’re all having a good new year so far and have a great weekend whatever you’re playing!

Jon Cartwright, video producer

I’ve had a complicated history with Monster Hunter, – I’ve always wanted to love the series and I’ve dabbled in essentially every mainline entry but I just haven’t had that moment where everything clicks. Monster Hunter Rise has dogs though, so maybe that will do it. I want to give Rise my full undivided energy, maybe this will finally be the one that retroactively makes me love all the prior games too. Everything looks really promising so we’ll see if the demo alone can do it.

If that fails, I’m itching to replay Chrono Trigger! The DS box has been staring at me from my shelf begging to be played. It is a new year after all, and every year should have Chrono Trigger.

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