Ulrika Jonsson has been praised for opening up about her mental health battle on Instagram.

The Swedish-British television personality, 53, has taken to social media to reveal how hard she’s finding life lately.

The star, who recently lost her beloved pet pooch Nessie, admits she’s “spent” when it comes to trying to be positive.

Ulrika Jonsson daughter
Ulrika is struggling with her mental health (Credit: Splashnews.com)

Ulrika Jonsson tells Instagram followers about her mental health struggle

“It has come to my attention that I could be in the running for the most depressing account,” said Ulrika.

“There hasn’t been much joy on here for a while. I’d love to rally and throw you an inspirational motto. Hit you with an encouraging proverb. Spike your tea with an optimistic shot of positivity.

There hasn’t been much joy on here for a while.

“However, the truth is I’m spent. Mentally things are dark at the moment. Deep-rooted issues rise to the top and grab me by the throat.

“Black Dog is sluggishly dragging his paws along the pavement behind me, ready to pounce.”

Ulrika Jonsson
Ulrika’s fans shared their concern for the star (Credit: ITV)

She added: “So, apologies. I’m going to try to be more fun.”

Ulrika’s fans rushed to comment and share their support.

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“You’re just reflecting how many of us feel! You’re not alone, and it’s really helpful to others when you share that. Just keep being real. That’s all we want,” said one fan.

A second fan replied: “Don’t apologise for being real! Hope things start to feel better for you soon.”

While a third added: “Don’t change. I wouldn’t give you the award for most depressing, more the most realistic. Or honest.”

Ulrika mourns her lost dog

Ulrika lost her English bulldog, nine-year-old Nessie, just days after Christmas.

She then went on to reveal that one of her two remaining bulldogs, Leo, is in mourning.

Ulrika says that the heartbroken dog is now following her everywhere.

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She told The Sun: I have cried myself through Christmas and the pain in my heart will not heal any time soon.

“But I’m so glad we were able to end her suffering before it became unbearable for her, and for us to witness.

“We could have gone on keeping her alive for our sakes but it was not the right thing to do.”

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