Coronation Street character Yasmeen mentioned her first husband Sharif and son Kal in tonight’s episodes (Wednesday, February 24). But what happened to them?

In tonight’s episode of the soap Yasmeen looked for her jewellery box to see if she could sell some of the jewellery her first husband Sharif had given to her.

Yasmeen mentioned her first husband Sharif and son Kal (Credit: ITV)

She also wanted to get Kal’s medals from the box. Alya found the box in the safe at Speed Daal, but Yasmeen was devastated to see Geoff had got his hands on it and sold Kal’s medals.

But what happened to Kal and where is Sharif now?

Coronation Street Yasmeen: Who are Sharif and Kal?

Sharif is Yasmeen’s first husband. They got married in 1971 and a year later they had their only child, a son named Kal.

Kal grew up to marry a woman named Jamila and they had two kids Alya and Zeedan. Jamila died in 2o12, a year before Kal first appeared on the show.

Kal first appeared in 2013 (Credit: ITV)

Kal was the first of the Nazir family to appear on the cobbles, appearing in December 2013.

In 2014 Yasmeen, Sharif, Alya and Zeedan were introduced.

How did Kal die?

During his time on the cobbles, Kal had become friendly with most of the people on the street.

He struck up a friendship with Gary Windass, but things took a turn when Kal discovered Gary was seeing Alya.

Kal began a relationship with Leanne and in May 2015 he proposed to her in the Rovers back yard. But when he realised he didn’t have the ring he went to go and get it.

Kal died in 2015 (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

Later, Leanne realised 12 Victoria Court was on fire and went in to rescue Carla Connor. When they got Carla out, they realised Amy Barlow was still inside.

Amy’s mum Tracy started a fire, unaware her daughter was in the flat.

Kal, Leanne and Amy became trapped when the roof caved in and blocked the door. When the fire brigade came, they got Amy and Leanne down by using the ladder to the balcony.

However a gas cannister exploded before Kal could be rescued and he died.

The fire also killed Maddie Heath.

Did Sharif cheat on Yasmeen?

In August 2016, Sharif and Yasmeen were celebrating their 45th wedding anniversary.

Yasmeen’s friend Sonia turned up having been kicked out of her home by her husband Tariq.

Sonia and Sharif ended up sleeping together and Alya became suspicions of Sonia and confronted her grandad.

Sharif cheated on Yasmeen (Credit: ITV)

He lied to Alya telling her they had a one-off encounter several years before and Alya blackmailed him into giving her money for a machine in Underworld.

A few months later their affair was exposed when Yasmeen overheard Sharif and Sonia arguing over their relationship.

Sharif cheated on Yasmeen with Sonia (Credit: ITV)

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Yasmeen publicly exposed Sharif as a cheat and later found out about Alya’s blackmail. She threw Sharif out and ended her friendship with Sonia.

In November 2014, he left the cobbles to stay with relatives in Newcastle.

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