Coronation Street character Carla Connor recently cheated on her boyfriend Peter with his nephew Adam Barlow.

It’s been eating Peter up so badly he is properly back on the sauce. And his brother Daniel is really guilt-tripping her right now.

But has he forgotten that period of time with Carla when he definitely wasn’t worried about Peter?

Coronation Street: Carla Connor and the Barlow boys

Peter has no idea Carla cheated on him with Adam (Credit: ITV)

Carla hit self-destruct mode when she cheated on Peter. And while we all need to let off some steam sometimes, sleeping with your boyfriend’s nephew isn’t the way to do it (even if it is Adam Barlow).

But then Carla has a bit of the past with the Barlow boys.

We fans know that she’s been on and off with Peter Barlow for years. But she actually slept with Peter’s half-brother Daniel before, back in 2018.

Their romance was brief and Peter didn’t approve of his ex-wife dating his brother.

But all of this seems to have been conveniently forgotten as Daniel plays Mr High & Mighty.

Carla just needs to sleep with Ken and Tracy then she has the Barlow collection (I’m joking, I’m not judging)!

Will the truth come out? (Credit: ITV)

Is it time for Carla and Peter to call it quits?

The couple have a lot of history. The storyline they did last year with Carla’s mental health was incredible – so well acted by Alison King.

But it feels like Peter and Carla are both are only staying in their relationship because they don’t want to let go of each other. Not because they’re actually enjoying being together.

And another thing, Carla keeps bringing up Peter’s affair with Tina. If you’re going to go back to someone who cheated on you, you need to forgive them and let go of the past. If not, then you shouldn’t be with them.

Should Carla and Peter call it quits already? (Credit: ITV)

Is it time for the couple to go their separate ways after this? Well, it turns out they may have no actual say in the matter.

As we’ve just seen, Peter’s health is in a bad way and he’s actually convinced that he now has liver failure and will die (nooooo!).

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