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The jobs available for people looking to make money online run the gamut. On the internet, you can seek everything from full-time employment as a remote staff member to a work-whenever-you-want side hustle as a blogger or jewelry-maker.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has rattled the job market, online hiring is strong in a range of industries. According to Glassdoor’s Job Market Report, there were 11,430 remote job openings in July on Glassdoor, up 28.3% from the year before.

“The fields with the most remote-work listings right now include areas like customer service, sales, computer and (information technology), medical and health, and education and training,” wrote Brie Weiler Reynolds, career development manager and coach at FlexJobs, a resource for finding remote jobs, part-time jobs, freelance jobs and other flexible jobs, in an email.

These are industries where work has moved away from in-person to online interactions, she notes.

Other fields with strong online hiring include project management and graphic design, Reynolds says. If you have relevant experience in these areas, you’ll increase your chances of earning money with an online job.

Ways to Make Money Online

To earn money online, take inventory of the skills you offer and how you can market them to potential future employers. “I’m finding more and more (job seekers) are ‘niche-ing down’ and being really great at one specific skill,” says Kristin Larsen, a Nashville-based blogger who writes about side hustles on her blog Believe in a Budget. “People are willing to spend more on hiring someone who excels at one thing.”

For example, Larsen says, she hired someone to handle her emails. So if you know everything about a specific administrative task, coding language, social media platform or something else, those hyperspecific know-hows will stand out to employers.

Looking to start your online money-making search? Consider these job roles with which you can make money online:

  • Customer service representative.
  • Online craft seller.
  • Transcriber.
  • Virtual assistant.
  • Editor or writer.
  • Online tutor.
  • Computer and information technology specialist.
  • Graphic designer.

Customer Service Representative

As retail relocates from brick-and-mortar stores toward digital storefronts during the coronavirus pandemic, look toward online work in customer service. As a customer service representative, you’ll address complaints, queries and questions from shoppers and clients. Typically a high-school diploma and relevant experience are prerequisites for this job. Listings appear on job-search sites such as Indeed, and FlexJobs.

Online Craft Seller

Looking to sell your art or crafts online? A site such as Etsy or Zazzle works great for selling your wares, Larsen says. Compensation will depend on the product you sell and the time it takes to design and create. Relatedly, if you like fashion, interior design, fitness or other hobbies, you may even be able to supplement your income with endorsements on social media sites like Instagram or by blogging as an online media star.


A transcriber converts audio and video recordings to text, typing up meetings, interviews and other conversations. Some employers prefer expertise in fields like law and medicine. Transcription experts may be paid per hour of audio transcribed, which may take several hours to complete. A transcriber may also need to acquire transcription software or equipment to do this job effectively. Companies that hire transcribers include GoTransript and Rev. The average hourly rate is $15, according to

Virtual Assistant

Folks with administrative skills may find work providing remote office assistance. Tasks are often what you’d see an administrative assistant or personal assistant complete and may include answering emails or managing someone’s calendar. If you have experience in a specific field such as marketing or law, that can help make your job application stand out.

Editor or Writer

Wordsmiths can find work creating or proofreading content for websites, marketing firms, small businesses, publications and other clients. Experience in journalism, grant writing, marketing or a specific industry will help you secure the job.

If you’re looking to get into the hot online medical field, having a medical or science background may help you score a writing job in that area. Average hourly compensation hovers around $20, depending on the type of writing or editing work you’re doing, according to PayScale.

Online Tutor

As schools move online during the health crisis, families and students will be looking for tutors who can video conference and teach online, specializing in all kinds of subjects. Share your knowledge of English, test-taking, math or another skill by tutoring online. Udemy and Outschool are two sources for online teaching gigs.

Computer and Information Technology

Companies may be looking for a range of tech workers, including data engineers and web publishers. To score an online job, update your resume and target companies that typically hire remote workers, Reynolds says. Don’t forget to list remote-specific technology you’re familiar with, she says. Such programs may include Slack, Google Chat, Dropbox, Google Drive, Zoom, GoToMeeting, Skype and other remote collaboration tools, she says.

Graphic Designer

These specialists may find contract or remote work building websites, information material or marketing brochures for a company. Typically, a college degree and relevant experience on tools such as Adobe Photoshop and InDesign are preferred.

Be Wary of Online Hiring Scams

One of the more concerning downsides of digital work is that scammers may target online job seekers, offering them fake career opportunities in exchange for their money or financial information.

Make sure to search online for any company you’re looking to work with, including searching for lawsuits, bad reviews on job-search sites and other red flags. “Always do research on any company that offers you online work. Never accept checks to buy supplies or computer equipment, and never wire money to anyone who offers you online work,” wrote Scott Garner, former corporate communications manager at ZipRecruiter, via email.

Try to get in touch with current or previous employees, says Sarah Stoddard, Glassdoor career expert. And look for other red flags, including vague job descriptions or background requirements that don’t make sense in your field, such as asking for a certain number of years of experience that don’t match the skills required. If almost anyone could qualify for the job, or if the pay is ridiculously generous, the job may be too good to be true. Plus, if the employer is asking you for money, Stoddard says, that’s a red hot flag that something’s not right.

If you want to succeed at earning money online, treat this new income stream seriously. That means acting professionally, responding to emails and meeting deadlines, experts say. In the world of freelancing, for example, reputation matters. If you want employers to continue to work with you and recommend your work, then maintaining a professional, reliable persona is essential to your new job as an online worker.

“Pay attention to your online presence,” Reynolds says. “Make sure that it’s professional and consistent.”

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How Does One Make Money on the Internet? – Digital Boom

With the current pandemic in the world, some people will find that they have more time on their hands than usual. There is no need to commute to work, and the workload is not always the usual amount.

Some decide to take this opportunity and give themselves more time to rest. On the other hand, there are those who would rather dedicate these hours and create a side hustle. Perhaps this passive source of income could turn into a full-time venture, and you would not have to deal with your old job.

An idea is the first thing you need. Thankfully, there are multiple ways to make money on the internet provided that you commit and learn. Here are some suggestions that you can consider.

Suggestion #1 – Print on Demand

Despite the success some entrepreneurs have managed to achieve, there are still people who have their doubts. They have questions like does print-on-demand work, or can you still make money with all the competition. Well, the ultimate outcome depends on the person.

Some markets are oversaturated, but e-commerce itself continues to grow and is expected to reach almost 5 trillion dollars worldwide by the end of 2021.

As the industry grows, so will the demand for custom-made merchandise. T-shirts, hoodies, key chains, calendars, and mugs are just a few examples of products you can sell. And once you get past the initial stage of setting everything up, you will not need to spend that much time to maintain the store in check.

Suggestion #2 – Customer Support

Providing great customer experience is one of the keys to a successful business. It just so happens that customer support is one of the aspects that can make or break the whole thing.

More and more brands are shifting towards online presence. Thus, it is natural that they want to ensure that there is someone who can respond to calls, messages, and emails 24/7.

You can try your luck at working for someone in customer support. The job itself might be a bit hard at first, but once you get the hang of basics and get into a rhythm, you should be perfectly fine.

Suggestion #3 – Freelancing

Freelancing sites like Fiverr and UpWork offer plenty of opportunities. If you have experience in graphic design, search engine optimization, copywriting, proofreading, PPC marketing, and other job offers that are in high demand, do not hesitate and go for it.

And even if you do not have any particular set of skills, finding simpler tasks like data entry or becoming a virtual assistant could also turn out great. Moreover, it will be a perfect opportunity to gain experience for the future.

Suggestion #4 – Online Courses

Online education is in high demand. People are looking to learn new things and improve their skill set. At the same time, there are those who are trying to change their career, and online courses provide a good opportunity.

If you have the experience of your work and would like to share it with others while making money at the same time, check out platforms like Skillshare and Udemy.

Suggestion #5 – Streaming

Streaming on sites like Facebook, YouTube, and especially Twitch TV paved the way for a lot of people, and they are making money by entertaining their audiences. Not to mention that it is a hobby rather than a job for some.

The money comes from sponsorship deals, subscriptions, and viewer donations. Think about whether you can become a streamer. If so, there is no reason not to try it.

Suggestion #6 – Online Surveys

Online surveys are perfect for those who only have less than an hour to spare. The payment is not something that you can live off of for the rest of your life, but it can be a decent addition.

You get paid for filling surveys. And keep in mind that there are different surveys for smartphone and desktop. If you see that the method is working, explore your options, and be on the lookout for new surveys that pop up on the internet regularly.

Suggestion #7 – Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing was all about Amazon and ClickBank back in the day. However, the situation has changed recently, and there are more affiliate programs you can join.

Sure, the two still offer a variety of products and good commission rates, but if you are not happy with the selection, do not hesitate and look for alternatives.

The goal of affiliate marketing is simple. You advertise a product or service and get people to click on the link. If they purchase the product after getting redirected while the cookies are still active, you get a percentage for each sale.

These days, you can make do with just a simple social media account. And while a fully-developed website helps, it is all about finding the right kind of demographic.


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5 Must-Have Resources for Anyone Looking to Make Money Online – Entrepreneur

Here’s a quintet of books, courses and other content that will unlock the secrets to leveling up.

July 17, 2020 4 min read

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

As a , I love building and creating. With businesses varying from agencies to SaaS and everything in between, I enjoy focusing on the tech space. I also love figuring out how to make my generate even more money. Once you learn how to do it, it becomes the greatest game you can play. 

In this quest for diversification and accumulation, I have become mildly obsessed with creating and selling courses geared towards teaching others how they can disrupt the online world in their own way (while making money the entire time). My first course, “How to Build a Million Dollar Website in 60 Minutes with No Code” (not to be confused with my latest book, The New Rich) has been an awesome foray, but I have also found other great resources by various entrepreneurs and business owners across the world focused on how to make money online. 

Here are my top five must-have resource picks for anyone looking to make money online that I’ve personally undertaken or read. 

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1. “Reloaded Hustlers Field Manual” and five other relevant courses including “ Money” by Chris Johnson. I’m a big fan of how Chris approaches business. His courses are a no-bullshit guide on how to leverage the , find the right products, build community, sell online, price correctly for the most profit, create an email , build an online store and more. Highly recommended for anyone who wants a practical guide on how to make money online. 

2. “How to Buy, Grow, and Sell Small Companies” by Ryan Kulp. This online course is all about walking you step-by-step through the extensive process of business acquisition. With six incredibly detailed modules and more than $3,000 worth of bonus content in contract templates, this is a great resource for anyone looking to acquire a business for the first time. 

3. “Monthly 1k” by King Sumo himself, . “Monthly 1k” is an online course with action-based steps and community accountability, and it’s a perfect resource for those driven to turn ideas into business plans. Throughout the course, you will learn exactly what you need to focus on in order to make a business idea reality — and hit that 1K-a-month goal. 

4. “No Code MVP” by Bram Kanstein. For those who don’t learn well by sifting through thousands of words of text, this video course is ideal. Not only is it packed with tons of practical lessons, but it allows budding entrepreneurs to learn all the mindset, tools and processes they’ll need to turn target customers into paying customers (without any necessity to learn code).

5. Make — Bootstrapper’s Handbook by Pieter Levels. This online handbook is for those who like to do things on their own terms. The “make” book is filled with continuously updated information on how to start small and grow big, including the best tools, processes, systems and ways to grow your projects. The indie hacker and solopreneur crowds comfortable with rolling up their sleeves to get down and dirty on their startup will have met their match with this ebook packed full of useful tips and tools.

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While there are plenty of resources (both free and paid) to find on the internet, when you stumble on the right course, book or app for you, finding your niche in the online money-making world can becpme simple. It is important to note that there is absolutely no cure-all for getting money without work, and if you are falling for resources that tout as much, you’re running down a scamming path. 

The savviest entrepreneurs are the ones who are constantly learnin, being coached and taking courses. Using the resources I’ve named above is a great start to realizing just how far you can take your ideas, startups, and it’s another essential path to acquiring monetizable skills. 


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How To Make Money From Blogging In 2020 – Shout Out UK

Blogging is a great side gig or remote job. If you’re serious about it you can make money from it. The amount you earn however depends on how you optimise your blog and the number of resources you take advantage of. There are several possible streams of income for bloggers. Here’s how you can start to make money from blogging in 2020.

Create your own website

Although there are many free platforms to set up your blog, the more professional looking blogs are independent. By purchasing your own domain name, you’ll be able to advertise and explore more affiliate marketing options. You’ll also be in complete control of your website management, SEO, and design. These are important for boosting your traffic.

Create your own unique branding, and build a name for yourself. This will help to give you credibility and draw in more business. Building a website isn’t always as challenging as it sounds, you can even outsource this to a professional web designer for a more sophisticated appeal.

Choose a trending topic

It’s of course up to you what you choose to write about. Pick a subject you’re passionate about or have an interest in. Have a look at what’s trending at the moment to help you decide. Twitter and Google search suggestions can help you with this. Here are some staple topics that have been trending in 2020 to give you an example.

  • Personal finance

People are always looking for Money tips. Search engines are being flooded with questions like, how can I make money online? Think about your current followers and their situations, and reach out to the public by addressing general concerns.

  • Health and fitness

A popular option, as with personal finance, it appeals to people’s aspirations. There are plenty of new ways to get fit and healthy in the current climate. You could review online workouts and fitness apps.

Due to its rise in popularity as a wellness trend, gardening is drawing a lot of interest. There are many products to endorse that can be ordered online for use during the summer. Tips and tricks are always sought-after blog topics, so home and gardening hacks are ever popular.

  • Technology

Whether it’s a review of the latest business apps or other innovations in technology, there are many types of tech-related subjects to discuss. Offer tutorials for new software along with information and advice.

Brainstorm a few topic ideas and how you could expand on these if you want to endorse products and offer video tutorials and other interesting content. Think outside the box about how you’re going to make money from this subject matter.

Boost your online traffic

Once you’ve set up your exciting new blog and created nice eye-catching content, you’ve got to think of ways to attract more readers. At this stage, you’re going to need to put plenty of time and effort into promoting your blog. Here are some different ways to do so.

The design of your website is fundamental to your blog’s success. Create topic-based pages, with a logical structure. Optimize the use of keywords on your site. These will both help you rank in the SERPs.

  • Social media

Set up pages for your blog on a variety of social media platforms. Keep your branding consistent and be as involved as possible. Share new posts and tag other bloggers or companies who might then re-share them. Always engage with your followers.

  • Network with other bloggers

Make a name for yourself in the social media community. Contact other bloggers who write about the same topics and share links to each other’s blogs. This will hopefully get you some backlinks to send potential readers back to your website.

  • Reach out to journalists

Get involved with any news stories that might affect your niche. This means commenting on social media, taking part in discussions, and reaching out to journalists and offering your comments.

Increasing your blog traffic is vital to getting your name out there. After all, if not many people read your blog then you won’t get much attention from advertisers. It might take a while to really put yourself out there on so many platforms, but the results will be worth it.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing works by including links to products and companies in your blog content. These links are clearly advertising and you’ll need to use a disclaimer. They’re quite effective as they don’t tend to distract the reader too much from your well-written content. Despite this, every time a reader clicks on one of those links, you’ll receive a small commission. This is a great way to make money on your blog.

You could also write reviews to endorse products. It’s better to be honest and only try to promote companies you really believe in. This will help you to write a more professional review. Plenty of businesses look for influencers to help market their products or services, and you will be able to charge a fee for this as well.

Sell stuff

 There are plenty of things you can sell on your blog. It’s up to you which ones you want to go for.

You can even sell ad space and make money by having ad banners on your blog. You can choose to earn money per click or per thousand impressions the ad gets.

  • Digital skills

You could offer other services and digital courses or tutorials. Alternatively, you could write guest posts for other websites.

  • Sponsored social media posts

If you have a strong presence on social media you’ll be able to offer your services for writing sponsored posts. Brands will hire you to write a promotional piece about them on social media.

 Monetising your blog will take some time and effort on your part. Focus on building your online traffic. The more readers you have, the more you’ll be able to appear legit to advertisers. The more you make contact with readers and advertisers, the more business you are likely to get in the future.

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood from Pexels


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